“Agent Carter” 1×8 – Carter and the SSR try and take down the doctor

carter 1_8_1

In the last part, Carter’s interrogation starts as she tries to tell them about Dottie before Dottie takes them all out.

In this week’s episode, titled  Carter and the other agents try and find Dottie before they kill anyone else.

Thompson/Sousa/Carter arrive at the theater and see first hand what Item 17 can do. And Sousa gets to see it first hand.

Now that they know what the weapon does, they have to figure out why the doctor and Dottie are doing this and try and stop them. Good thing Howard Stark returns to offer them his assistance.

Howard’s idea to use him as bait works only too well as he gets kidnapped by the doctor.

The doctor starts talking with Stark and we find out that he’s trying to make him suffer for what he did. Which means that Howard is going to learn that not all things are meant to be invented.

carter 1_8_2

Carter/Thompson try and figure out the next move and with Jarvis they figure out that they are going to use Stark as a ploy to release Midnight Oil. While being hypnotized, we see that maybe he has a softer spot for Carter then he lets on. Perhaps he had feelings for her?

It’s time to take down the plane. Carter tries to take out the doctor and Dottie while Jarvis tries to shoot Howard before he reaches the city. She is able to take Dottie but the doctor gets away. Sousa/Thompson’s turn to step up.

Now Carter has to make the toughest decision. Whether or not to shoot Howard?

Carter is able to talk Howard down keeping Jarvis from knocking him from the sky. She finds that Dottie is not in fact dead and has escaped, but they did get the doctor.

This case gives Carter the recognition that she deserves and forces the SSR to see what a good agent that she is and why they should listen to her.

By the end of the show, Jarvis gives Carter the vile of Steve’s blood because he knows she will do what needs to be done. Which to her is dumping it in the river so that no one can copy it and abuse it.

carter 1_8_3

The doctor is in prison with no other then Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones) and he tells them about America and ‘opportunity’.

The 8 part mini series was short and quick but had everything that you can come to expect from a Marvel story. Hayley Atwell shined once again as Peggy Carter and does everything that she can to try and get a Season 2 renewal. As of now, it has not but that could all change especially considering fans are blowing up Twitter begging for a season 2. Considering Carter has yet to find SHIELD, they have the room to have a season 2.

While this is the end of the mini series, it does mean that Agents of SHIELD is going to be returning as we get to see the effects of what happened to Skye in the last show.

What did you think of the show?



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