‘Chicago PD’ 2×16 Recap – Dawson goes under cover to help find a missing cop

chicago pd 2_16_3

In the last episode, Roman and Burgess get kidnapped and the rest of the unit look for them before they get killed.

In this week’s episode, titled “What Puts you on the Ledge”, Dawson goes under cover and Voight’s fear that he will fall victim to the cover might come true.

Dawson goes under cover for vice as they try and take down a drug cartel, in the same one that he was under before he joined intelligence, with his old acquaintance Parker.

Voight is suspicious of Halstead/Lindsey’s relationship and drops his little hints to let them know. Especially when he teams Oslinksky up with Lindsey over Halstead and her. Yeah it’s quite obvious. He knows.

chicago pd 2_16_2

Works out because Oslinsky and Lindsey find Brent’s bag of money and some hidden paperwork and hotel room that he kept from his wife and Vice. Ruzek and Atwater find that he was also nicey nice with a brunette (who is not his wife).

Dawson meets with Diaz and Terry and he gets a job. But of course, with the Oslinsky and Halstead under cover as the guards, you can’t guarantee that one of the other crew members will go off the plan. He learns that the reason why Brent might be missing is because he was a little too greedy. Would explain that the giant bag of money that Oslinsky and Lindsey found.

Diaz gets a little suspicious and changes the plan on the crew leaving Dawson away from being able to contact Voight.

Lindsey/Oslinksy talk with Manning’s other girl on the side, Amber, and try to get his location. Ironically enough, the location is the same one that Dawson is brought to and he instructed to kill Manning. The rest of the crew gets there in time and stops Dawson from getting killed.

chicago pd 2_16_1

Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess are called into a civil problem and Roman remembers one of the guys from an old case. Burgess takes a chance but she quickly sees that he’s not the typical scumbag. Roman asks the fire department for help to try and get the tenant out. Under further investigation they find a woman (perhaps his wife) in the wall. He’s going to need to do a lot of weaseling to get out of this mess.

Halstead recommends an old friend, Mouse, to try and become their new IT.  They have history when they were in the military and those skeletons are sure to come out.

Lindsey realizes how dangerous it is to have a boyfriend being a cop so she breaks things off with Halstead.

In the next episode, Intelligence will contend with FBI as a diplomat is a suspect in a murder.

What did you think of the show?


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