Cover for “Untamed” by SC Stephens has been released

If it wasn’t enough to get a Kellan Kyle book this week, we also get the first look at Griffin’s cover. 

And it’s hot.

Griffin is decked out in a white t-shirt that clings to his chest with tight pants. And to help get the hotness point across, it’s raining.

In UntamedGriffin Hancock is tired of being stuck behind Kellan Kyle’s spotlight. He’s the best, the main event, and everyone should know it. He has Anna, and his beautiful daughter Gibson, to hell with the rest of them. A new venture presents itself, and Griffin decides this is his chance. When he tells the band about his new side gig, they tell him it’s a terrible idea, so Griffin breaks ties with the band. Anna tries to be supportive of Griffin, but soon she’s done, too. Realizing all he’s lost, Griffin looks to find a way back to the life he threw away… but can he convince Anna that he’s a changed man?

Untamed is set to come out November 3rd and is available for pre order on Amazon.

What do you think of the cover?

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