‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×16 – A woman goes to great lengths to secure her millions

svu 16_16_1

In the last episode, a mother takes the law in her own hands as she goes undercover to try and find her daughter who was kidnapped.

In this week’s show, titled “December Solstice”, a woman is accused of killing her much older husband by his kids.

Charmaine (Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives) is a much younger women who married a much older man Walter (Robert Vaughn, The Magnificent Seven) and his kids Judith and Delilah are claiming that she is raping Walter so that she can get an extra share of his money. It’s different, she is certainly thinking outside the box.

Judith and Delilah are forbidden from seeing Walter (because Charmaine knows that they will talk to him about the harm she’s doing) but Charmaine doesn’t care. She wants a child and she wants him out of the picture.

Amaro/Carisi are able to stop Charmaine and Walter from fleeing the country and going to Canada. The question is why she is in such a rush to leave the country. Maybe she knows that the police are on to her. Point for the daughters because the judge agrees with them and has him admitted to a hospital.

svu 16_16_2

It all becomes a moot point as Walter dies overnight at the hospital which means Charmaine can be tried for murder if SVU can prove that it was because of her that he died.

The ME shows that Charmaine did an electro probe ejaculation on his sperm so that she could make a child. She will stop at nothing to get a bigger piece of that money pie. And now they have the proof to show that she is responsible for killing him.
During the trial, Barba focuses on the practices that Charmaine did to try and get pregnant between the pills and the electro probe ejaculation.

But it all takes a turn when a video of Walter randomly shows up on Charmaine’s, Judith, and Deliah’s phones. And the message does not look good for the girls as it talks about how they didn’t like him because he married Charmaine.

Charmaine pushes the idea that she wasn’t doing it because of his money but because she loved him and that she gave him the pills because of his pride. And Judith turns on Delilah saying that it was Judith’s fault to keep them away. They finally come to an agreement and a deal. Charmaine gets her baby and Delilah has to stay away from the family, basically.

svu 16_16_3Carisi has a hard time separating his feelings of being a fan for Walter’s books away from his job. Once again proving why the unit has a hard time accepting him.

The case hits home for Barba as we find out that dementia is also hitting his family like it is for Walter. Which means he will fight harder for the case.

Meanwhile, Benson asks Barba about Johnny D and Noah and what could that mean for her custody of Noah.

Guest star Marcia Cross and Robert Vaughn were great in the show. The show once again shows that while they may have a lot of the same kinds of shows, they are able to change up the story lines and keep the fans coming back week to week.

What did you think of the show?



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