“The Following” 3×1 – Ryan, Max, and Mike must deal with the consequences of their actions

the following 3_1_3

In this season 2 finale,  Mark and Luke look for Joe and use Claire as a way to get him.

In this week’s episode, titled “New Blood”, in the season 3 opener, a new series of brutal killings reopens old wounds for Ryan.

Season 3 starts a year after the events of season 2. Ryan is trying to rebuild his life while Mike is trying to not lose his way.

The show opens a year later with Ryan and Max celebrating Gina’s wedding and Ryan is getting awfully close to his new girlfriend, Gwen. Mike is unhappy with the fact that Max has moved on from him. And of course, nothing can go according to plan as there is someone watching Ryan.

Turns out the man is the father to one of the followers that go killed. Ryan is going to have a lot of explaining to do as he has to answers for the decisions that he made.

We get flashbacks in the beginning of the show as we see Ryan get off on criminal activities for his work in the Joe Carroll case. Turns out Mike gave up his relationship with Max so he could go after Mark. We will find out how bad that decision was real soon.

the following 3_1_2

We see a Bonnie and Clyde kill a couple celebrating their anniversary. Are they working on their own or they working with someone else?

Ryan investigates the woman whose father crashed the wedding and it turns out that he’s not her father but rather working with Daisy (Ruth Kearney, Covert Affairs) and Kyle. Surprised anyone? They send Ryan a message: “Ryan Hardy Lies” written in blood.

The fake father, who’s name is Andrew, is working on something, probably trying to find new recruits.

When Ryan/Max/Mike figure Andrew out they find that he’s a little twisted in the head. It leads to another message for Max. It says: “Max Hardy Lies”

Looks like Mike is next.

Max figures out that the bodies are set up like how Luke died. That’s how they know that Mark is behind the attacks. Looks like he’s keeping up with tradition by having dinner with his ‘brother’ (which is just a fake body with a mirror for a head). Looks like Mark is still going to be with us this season.

the following 3_1_1

The FBI figure out where the next attack is going to be but they are too late. The only positive is that they are able to arrest Andrew.

Mark takes the Lily Gray-look-a-like to where his mother was killed and shoots her dead. Then grieves her like she was his mother. This message reads: “While you lie, more will die”

During the interrogation, we find that Andrew is the one that picked up Mark at the end of last season. That is one question answered from last year. Cross that off the list.

As the show comes to an end, Mark leaves us with this promise. “Tomorrow is going to be awesome. Because of them is going to die”. The question is, who?

The season premiere picks up right were the last season left off. There is going to be a lot of dead bodies and twists and turns that are going to have you guessing from week to week. Mark is going to be leading his own ‘Following’ but don’t think that we’ve seen the last of Joe. Everything started with him so everything is going to end with him.

In the next episode, more lives are at risk as Mike is called out for killing Lily in cold blood.

What did you think of the show?



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