The second trailer for “Age of Ulton” has been released along with release of presale tickets

avengers 2

The second full length trailer for The Avengers Age of Ultron had been released through Fandango’s Twitter page.

The site released the trailer when announcing the tickets going on sale earlier today. In the trailer, we get a better understanding of the main story of the movie as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) explains that he created the ‘Ultron’ to protect the Earth and naturally it all falls apart.

There are a lot of cool sequences with graphics and the fighting looks better than it did in the first movie. As a whole, the movie appears to look better than the first movie, but only time will be able to tell if it is better than the first movie or if it will fall victim to the sequel curse.

You can purchase your tickets now on Fandango’s website. Also, Cinemark is offering a double feature showing that will include the first Avengers movie right before the advance screening of the second movie. Both will be in X D and 3D.

The Avengers Age of Ulton is set to come out May 1st.

What did you think of the trailer?



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