‘Revenge’ 4×15 – Emily proves why she’s the best while Victoria meets a new foe

revenge 4_15_1

In the last episode, Nolan and Louise get ready to throw a wedding reception while Emily sees this as a way to try an unwind from her revenge plan.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Bait’, Margaux makes a move on Emily, while Victoria might have met her match in Natalie.

There is a lot of revenge going around in the show as it’s basically split into two people seeking revenge (Victoria and Margaux) and two people defending themselves (Natalie and Emily)

For Victoria and Natalie, it stems when Victoria learns that Natalie married Edward Grayson (Conrad’s father) and is now in possession of all his money since he passed away. This leaves Victoria with none. Of course, Victoria is not going to take that sitting down. She is going to go after him. And with the help of Louise’s brother, Lyman.

revenge 4_15_5

Lyman is still angry with Louise for cutting him off so he’s going to use Victoria as a way to get back at Louise and to get the money he needs for his campaign.

Margaux begins her campaign of revenge against Emily by trying to trick Emily into breaking and entering into her server to get back the video (this way Jack remains innocent) but Emily proves once again that she’s better.

This is not enough to get Margaux down, she makes a move on Ben. There seems to be more to the story with him and his ex-wife, April. And Margaux is going to use him and his ex-wife as a way to stick to Emily. If only she could open her eyes and see that the only way to really get to Emily is to hurt Jack.

revenge 4_15_6

At the end of the last show, Jack saw Ben and Emily together and it makes him think that he needs to make a move on Emily. She turns him down because they are too ‘messy’ but we know it’s because if they start dating, it gives her a blatant weakness. Perhaps if he said something before Margaux started her campaign things could have been different?

Either way, Jack says he won’t wait for her, but we all know that once she’s ready he’s going to take her with open arms because they are meant to be together.

In next week’s show, the red sharpie returns as three people are cross off. But who is doing the crossing off?

What did you think of the show?



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