“The Following” 3×2 – Mark stops at nothing to get Mike to confess

following 3_2_3

In last week’s episode, in the season 3 opener, a new series of brutal killings reopens old wounds for Ryan.

In this week’s episode, titled “Boxed In”, more lives are at risk as Mike is called out for killing Lily in cold blood.

Mark starts to work on his new plan since the last plan was successful. This one will result in one of the FBI agents losing their life by way of the elocution chair.

The first victim to fall prisoner to Mark’s game is a woman named Anna who Daisy and Kyle pick up at the grocery store. They are going to use her to send a message to Mike and prove that they are not all talk.

following 3_2_6

Max/Ryan/Mike do everything that they can to foil Mark’s plans before he gets too far. They are able to slow him down, but stop him? Doubtful. But they figure out who the FBI target is. It is Agent Clarke and his wife.

The plan B for Mark and his group is involving a guy named Neil who scares Daisy. If she is scared by this guy, then you know he’s not good news.

Max once again proves to the conscience of the group as she wants to fess up to Gina, but Ryan and mini-Ryan (Mike) want to keep it secret.

We still don’t know the connection between Andrew, Daisy, and Kyle to Mark. Mainly the connection is Andrew and Mark but there has to be a reason that Daisy and Kyle decided to join ranks. We find out that Andrew is connected to Joe and that they had the same teacher (three guesses to who). But why would Andrew want to help Mark if he’s one of Joe’s followers? Like Mike says ‘Mark hates Joe almost as much as he hates us’.

following 3_2_8Ryan meets with Dr. Strauss (instead of Joe) to get some answers on Andrew. He brings him a deal where if Strauss identifies his students, they will take the death penalty off the table. While he doesn’t help directly, he gives them a lead. Looks like Fear is what is motivating Andrew right now. But what is he afraid of?

The plan continues to go haywire as Clarke is able to escape temporarily and is able to get Ryan to figure out where he is. Let’s see if Ryan can make it 2-2 for saving the day today. Clarke may have bought them some time as he confesses to what he did (setting up the operation that lead to Lily’s execution) but it doesn’t matter because Neil still stuffs him in that box.

Mike/Ryan think it’s because Andrew was Mark’s fatherly figure at one point in his life. Strong possibility considering that Lily was so desperate to find that last season, but what happened to make him go away or is that not the connection.

We also learn how Ryan met Rita. She was the doctor that checked on Clarke when he was having heart problems before the trial 11 months earlier.

In the next episode, Ryan begins his quest to find Mark while Mark falls further down the rabbit hole.

What did you think of the show?



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