‘Revenge’ 4×17 – The war between Emily and Margaux heats up

revenge 4_16_5In the last episode, Margaux makes a move on Emily, while Victoria might have met her match in Natalie.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Retaliation’, the red sharpie returns as three people are cross off. But who is doing the crossing off?

Lyman fails Victoria and she is less then enthused. Will this be the last of him? Doubtful. He wants his money.

Sure enough he goes crawling back to Louise for help. And stupidly she takes him back. And as Nolan says “leaves change, politicians don’t”

Emily gets mad about his relationship with Natalie. And things are not at all awkward with Jack. Looks like Jack is still bitter because in his eyes she chose Ben over him but in reality she chose Jack’s safety over the possibility of a relationship.

revenge 4_16_4Margaux works her black mail against Ben and his ex-wife April. He falls victim to the blackmail. It looks like she wanted Amanda Clarke’s birth certificate. But why? But the real question is what is going on with April. Is she it witness protection and why?

And once again Emily proves why she is the master as Ben helped give them the footage that Margaux has of April. They have a 12-hour window before April’s aggressive ex boyfriend Wes get to her.

Ben and Emily continue to get closer as they bond over their lost loves. Ben lost April because “they didn’t connect” but when they see each other again there may be more to that story as he’s greeted with a slap to the face. Turns out that Ben is holding out some information from Emily. Maybe April is right. He is perfect for her. They both like to tell half truths.

We find out the Natalie was playing David because she had an affair with Conrad and wanted to finish what he started. A bit obsessed aren’t we? Too bad Victoria and David are smarter then her and are able to get the inheritance back.

That is sharpie mark #1.

revenge 4_16_3
Nolan proves right about Lyman as it appears he made nicey nice to get into the house to steal Nolan’s secrets. Which means his laptop. It’s a bold move for Margaux but will this one pay off considering the last two didn’t?

That is sharpie mark #2.

Looks like sharpie mark #3 is Jack as Margaux uses her influence and has him arrested for “drinking and driving”. Because Margaux figures out that Jack is her one weakness.

In the next episode, Emily confronts Margaux what she did to Jack but things may get out of hand too quickly for her.

What did you think of the show?



2 thoughts on “‘Revenge’ 4×17 – The war between Emily and Margaux heats up

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