“The Following” 3×3 – Ryan makes a move to find Neil

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In last week’s episode, more lives are at risk as Mike is called out for killing Lily in cold blood.

In this week’s episode, titled “Exposed”, Ryan begins his quest to find Mark while Mark falls further down the rabbit hole.

Ryan is haunted by Clarke’s body box and who can blame him considering that he probably blames himself for what happened. Because that’s what Ryan does when someone he’s close to dies.

The press conference is a wake up call for Kyle and Daisy and it forces them to reevaluate their relationship with Mark. But Mark sees this as a more of a challenge. He wants Ryan’s head on a platter because Ryan basically wages war on him during the conference. Daisy points out that, “He’s losing it.” To which Kyle responds, “He never had it”. No he didn’t. Especially since Luke was killed.

following 3_3_2

Ryan, Max, and Mike try and find Neil because he is the link to finding Mark and the others. An old informant (Hayley, “Whips and Regret” 1×11) is able to point Ryan in the right direction.

But Neil is not just the average serial killer. He knows how to escape like magic, just like he’s able to fit a grown person in a small box that can barely fit a microwave.

Turns out that Mark is not the one that is pulling the strings, like he thought, but rather some ritzy suit who is forcing Daisy and Kyle to stay with Mark. She meets with them and she makes a simple request. Kill Max.

Desperate to get the world to see the FBI for their lies, Mark kidnaps a news agency and decides to stage a press conference of his own.

It’s not just Mark who is upset about the lies, but Max as well. It’s slowly eating her alive and she tells Max that she is not going to cover up anything else. Looks like Ryan is going to have to be on his best behavior from now on. Or at least in front of her.

following 3_3_3

With the pressure on Neil, he calls Daisy to let him know that if he’s going down, it’s not going to be before he’s able to ‘pay them a visit’. By that we all know that they are going to have matching box set with their bodies inside. On the other hand, there is conflict now in that little clique as Mark figures out that they are up to something.

Ryan is able to find Neil because of his father’s dimension and the GPS tracker in him. Looks like Neil may have made a costly mistake stopping. He realizes what he did but it’s just a little too late. He is forced to leave his father behind as he makes a run for it. He doesn’t get very far before they are able to take him down. Suicide by cop.

At the end of the show, the FBI honors Clarke’s death. Tom saves Max from being attacked, Ryan moves forward in his relationship, and Daisy and Kyle bug Max’s apartment.

In the next episode, we get 2-hour special where Mark and his group attack fireman and police officers while Ryan continues his search for Mark.

What did you think of the show?


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