‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×13 – Cal ‘fights on’ as he begins his war against Coulson

shield 2_13_2

In the last episode, Jaimie Alexander guest stars as Sif as she tries to take down Skye as Skye tries to adjust to being out of the box but her powers are out of control.

In this week’s episode, called ‘Who You Really Are’ , Cal unites all the misfits that have been create because of SHIELD and begins a war against them.

Cal starts by collecting a band of misfits which includes Edward Scissorhand’s sister Karla (Drea De Matteo, Sons of Anarchy), evil version of Fitz Wendell, Bane look-a-like Angar, and Hulk-inspired Francis. They go after Coulson and try to convince Skye that there is nothing wrong with her and that he can help her. Considering the lack of control of other powers, he might be on to something. But we all know that Coulson is not going to just roll over and let Skye go.

So let the war begin.

shield 2_13_3

Skye is going on the Gifted Index, which doesn’t seem to bother her, but that’s because she thinks she’s going to end up back on the field.

Mack and Bobbi must deal with the Secret that they are keeping from everyone and the fact that Hunter knows that something is going on. Looks like the motion of whatever they are hiding is going to have to be set before they were ready.

We get a peek behind the curtain of May’s past as we meet her ex-husband, Dr. Andrew Gardner (Blair Underwood, Ironside), which of course makes us see May in a new light because the fact that she even had a husband is surprising on its own. Fitz summed up why they didn’t last when he said, “He listens for a living and she doesn’t speak”.

He joins the show to evaluate Skye so they can index her. During her evaluation, Skye must come to terms with her time in SHIELD and just how bad her powers can be. We find the source of why she can’t control her powers. It’s because of her fears.

shield 2_13_4

Cut to Mantowic, WI where Coulson was born and the war will wage on. And Skye just might have the trump card up her sleeve. Right before Cal can make a move on Coulson, Skye and May show up and May threatens to kill Skye. As we know, Skye is Cal’s weak spot and they are threatening the one thing that he didn’t want to happen.

Cal’s battle is interrupted when Gordon comes and takes him away. The battle continues and it leads to a battle between the super villains and SHIELD but seeing the battle Skye’s fears only intensify. And the problem only gets worse as Skye can’t stop her powers because it breaks her bones.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons try to get their friendship back on track while Coulson tries to locate a missing Hunter. He start with Bobbi. Mack is holding Hunter in a apartment waiting until he can make his next move. After this is all said and done, Hunter is probably going to walk away from SHIELD considering they betrayed his trust twice.

Mack tells Hunter that he’s working for the REAL shield. So the other one is fake? Kind of like Inception with all this ‘dream in a dream’ kind of thing.

In the next episode, Bobbi, Mack, and Hunter work on making a move to take Coulson out of charge while Coulson and May try to help Skye with her power.

What did you think of the show?



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