‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×17 – SVU touches on issues that gets overlooked

svu 16_17_2

In the last episode, a woman is accused of killing her much older husband by his kids.

In this week’s show, titled “Parole Violations”, Carisi’s sister’s boyfriend is involved in a he said/she said with his parole office as he accuses her of rape.

He said/she said
Carisi’s sister, Bella (Marin Ireland, TV The Slap) is expecting a baby with her fiance Tommy (Michael Chernus, Captain Phillips) but their happy time is short lived as Tommy’s parole officer, Donna (Molly Price). rapes him. But of course, a man accusing a woman of rape is about as rare as seeing a unicorn, Carisi doesn’t take him seriously.

Things escalate quickly as Donna uses her powers to get Tommy arrested to try and stop him from accusing her but that just spurs him on. If he doesn’t go forward with the case, then he will go to jail. And we find out that Tommy is not her first victim.

svu 16_17_3

A case that involves a double standard often times divides up the squad. Pretty much everyone but Benson thinks that Tommy isn’t credible and that Donna couldn’t have raped Tommy. Benson, who’s been around the block a few times with SVU, is not surprised by anything. She believes that anything can happen and believes that Tommy

This show touches on the fact that rape can happen to anyone from anyone. This is an important aspect of the law that gets over looked. A lot of people don’t think that a woman can rape a man, but it can happen. This case proves just when that kind of case would happen.

svu 16_17_8

Family matter
We get a look inside Carisi’s life as we meet his sister. It’s obvious that he cares deeply for his sister and wants to protect her. He doesn’t believe that Tommy at first but as the case progresses, he sees that there is more the story then he thought.

SVU continues to show why this show has been on for 16 seasons and has over 300 episodes. They are able to create complex character and is able to fully develop them and show that they are not just names on a script. They become real as we dive deeper in their lives. In this show, we see that Carisi still has a lot to learn in SVU but he is a good brother to his sister and only wants what’s best for her.

Disappearing Act
Barba had a strong case going into the ‘Order’ part of the show. He had Tommy and Jordon (druggie who helped set up Tommy with Donna) to testify. But come time for Jordan to testify, he cheese’s it out there. Definitely out of fear for going to back to prison or what Donna could do to him. Wiley character that is going to create havoc on this case.

In the next episode, a young college student accuses a hockey team of raping her but as the case unfolds they find that maybe it’s all a ploy.

What did you think of the show?



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