‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×15 – The truth behind the ‘Real’ SHIELD is revealed

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In the last episode, Bobbi, Mack, and Hunter work on making a move to take Coulson out of charge while Coulson and May try to help Skye with her power.

In this week’s episode, called ‘One Door Closes’, the mutiny begins as Bobbi and Mack make their move to take out May and Coulson and the rest of his SHIELD.

Make a Move
Coulson and May’s misgivings about trusting Mack and Bobbi come to a head as Bobbi and Mack are forced to show their hand and let the war begin on the plane. It gets very confusing as we don’t know which is the real SHIELD and which one is not.

Its something that we would all would like to know.

Bobbi is able to get away with the alien tool box and now is trying to find Skye so that they can use her as a weapon? That much is not really clear. But Simmons is able to knock her out before leaving.

Coulson and Gonzalez have a heart to heart about who is working for the real SHIELD but it all comes back to that toolbox that Fury held close to his vest. Gonzalez brings up a lot of good points about how Fury’s secrets are a problem and that SHIELD should be controlled by a democracy not a dictatorship.

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The Truth behind ‘Real SHIELD’
We find out about how Bobbi and Mack started working together to form the ‘real SHIELD’. With the history news we

The day that SHIELD fell, Bobbi and Mack save Gonzalez from his ship. Bobbi had a suicide mission that was to destroy the computers on the ship and they all bond together to clear the memory drive.

The people on the ship all decided that they need to stop listening to just one person but rather they should be run by a democracy.

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Acceptance of Fate
While Skye is away at the camp, she uses Simmons’s gloves to try and get a handle on her gloves.

Gordon pays her a visit and wants to talk to her about her change. Something that he has gone through himself. He gives her a very appealing proposition where he will help her control her powers, but he knows she’s not ready.

When Skye gets May’s warning to get out of there because we still don’t know why Gonzalez wants Skye so much. Skye’s hand gets forced and she asks Gordon to take her away.

In the next episode, Coulson uses what little resources he has to try and get SHIELD and Skye back.

What did you think of the show?



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