Book review – “Resisting Temptation” by KC Lynn – a story of learning to let go of the pain of the past

resisting temptation

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 3 of Men of Honor series
Rating: 18+ for language, dark themes, sexual content
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the third book of the series, we follow Cade as he meets and falls in love with the last kind of girl that he thought he would, a Catholic girl named Faith. Consumed with the pain of his past, he tries to stay away from her but Faith’s belief in him makes him come to terms with his past and hope for a future.

We find out the complete truth about how Cade met Faith and what happened when they were imprisoned in Iraq. It’s a hard story to read because you know that this kind of stuff happens but what gets you through it is knowing that they get out a live and eventually get to their happy ever after.

Cade has had a rough life growing up. After witnessing a ‘man of God’ raping and murdering his little sister, he lost belief in the idea of God and love or anything to do basically happiness. I mean, who wouldn’t after experiencing that? But Faith shows him that there is more to life then just the bad things that can happen and that you should never lose faith.

What helps Faith get to Cade is the two kids, Christopher and Ruth Jean, that she takes in and raises. No doubt, Cade sees a lot of himself and his sister in Christopher and Ruth Jean and the relationship he forms with these two kids show him that there is good in the world.

Just like the other two books, the ending is exciting and gripping and has you wondering what’s going to happen. Though this ending is not drawn out as the other two, it was still exciting to see Cade come and save Faith.

While the climax is not as exciting, the ending is the best one in the series. It’s an emotional roller coaster as we see Cade come to terms with his sister’s death and become the man that Faith and the kids need. You will need a box of tissues when you get to this part, because its going to be hard to not cry.

The epilogue is beautiful and peaceful. We get to see the three couples in their happy ever afters. Cade learns to stop blaming himself for all the bad stuff that has happened and how to be happy, and more importantly, that it’s ok to be happy.

There are a few grammatical errors (just like the other two books in the series) but its not enough to take away from the series.

Rating: A

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