“Furious 7” becomes highest April opening in history

furious 7

There were only two new movies that came out this weekend and to no surprise the latest Fast and the Furious movie is at the top of the list.

Furious 7 takes the top spot at the box office and hits triple digits doing it. The movie was able to bring in an estimated $143.6 million domestically and $384 million worldwide in the first weekend. This is the highest opening for the Fast and Furious series. This is the biggest opening for a movie in April, shattering the record that was held by last years Captain America Winter Soldier. Furious 7 also is the 9th highest opening weekend of all time and the highest since 2013’s Catching Fire.

Home drops from the top spot but still does well bringing in an estimated $27.4 million. The movie should surpass the $100 million mark by the end of next week in only it’s 3rd week at the box office. The movie should continue to do well with not a lot of competition.


Get Hard brings an estimated $12.9 million in it’s 2nd weekend and continues to under perform. This week it was able to pass the $40 million budget but probably won’t hit the $100 million mark by the end of it’s run.

Cinderella is still hitting double digits bringing in an estimated $10.2 million, bringing the total box office to $167 million. This makes it the highest grossing film of 2015 so far. Insurgent continue to under perform bringing in an estimated $10 million over the weekend. The movie just surpasses the $100 million mark, but is still under it’s $110 million budget.

For the rest of the box office, you can go here.

There are two new movies that are coming out this weekend. The latest Nicholas Sparks’s book to be adapted, The Longest Ride, hits the theaters while the drama starring Jonah Hill and James Franco True Story also gets released. It’s unlikely that either movie will take the top spot at the box office, they should at least get into the top five.

What movie did you see this weekend?


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