“The Following” 3×7- Theo works to clear his trail before Ryan catches him

following 3_7_1

In last week’s episode, Ryan begins his search for Strauss with the help of Joe but he might be out of his league as Strauss has a new pupil Theo (Michael Ealy, Think Like a Man).

In this week’s episode, titled “The Hunt”, Ryan and Mike look for Theo and are racing against the clock because he is planning his own killing spree.

Dead Man Walking
Joe gets the news that he is going to be dying in 7 days which means they only have 7 days to use Joe to try and find Theo. He has that long to decide how he wants to die, by lethal injection or the chair? For Joe, he will probably choose the chair. It’s more dramatic.

following 3_7_2The Hunt Begins
Theo has how own agenda and it starts with saving Duncan from police custody. But what is his plan and where will it end?

The mission starts with looking for a man named Luis (Manny Montana, TV’s Graceland) . Does this man have history with Theo? Do they work together? Or is he just another loose end that Theo needs to get rid of? And will Ryan get to Luis before Theo does?

Duncan has the task of trying to track down Luis while Theo tries to clear his information from the company he works for before Max can figure out he’s the hacker. Looks like Luis is the one that helps Theo and Strauss with their fake identities and was the one who got them the fake IDs. Explains why he is a loose end.

Ryan/Mike catch up in the race as he is able to kill Duncan before he is able to get away. Which means that things are going to continue to unravel for Theo because whatever the next task they were supposed to do will not get done.

Since plan A didn’t work, Theo proves just clever he is by quickly pinning it on someone else. But of course, Ryan doesn’t believe it.

following 3_7_3

Can’t Keep Max Down
Max is trying to get back to work after her injury but it’s proving more difficult then she thinks. She can’t shoot a gun without it hurting and everyone wants to limit her, but she is able to convince Nick (who comes back to cover while Gina is getting punished) to let her do interviews to try and find the hacker.

It doesn’t take long before Max sees that maybe she should have sat down a little bit longer. She quickly finds his her hands full when she is face to face with the star pupil, Theo.

In the next episode, Theo gets his bearings and fights back against Ryan as he tries to outsmart Theo.

What did you think of the show?


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