‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×16 – Coulson looks for Skye, while Gonzalez tries to open the box

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In the last episode, the mutiny begins as Bobbi and Mack make their move to take out May and Coulson and the rest of his SHIELD.

In this week’s episode, called ‘Afterlife’, Coulson uses what little resources he has to try and get SHIELD and Skye back.

The Search Begins
Coulson and Hunter are on the search to try and find Skye before Gonzales and his SHIELD agents do. They at least know that she is with Gordon and is somewhat safe. But it means that the only way that he can find Skye is to use Gonzales’s resources.

Mike returns and helps Coulson and Hunter as their ‘backup’. And they go back on their search to try and find Skye. Coulson finally tells Hunter what the ‘bad option is’. Grant Ward. He’s the only one that can help them find Skye.

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Skye Gets Answers
Skye is in the facility that Gordon took her to so that she can get answers about her powers. She meets her ‘transitioner’ Lincoln (Luke Mitchell, TV’s The Tomorrow People) and he is quite the looker.

Skye learns that she’s there not to get rid of her powers, like she thought, but to learn how to control them. Considering the type of powers that she has shown so far, this is looking to be more of a disaster and not a good thing. But Lincoln is determined to get her to open up and accept her powers. There is definitely a connection between these two characters. I smell a future love relationship!

Turns out that Cal has messed up big time. Since he was so gun-ho on finding the fog and changing Skye, he screwed up his future and perhaps damned Skye’s in more then one. Not only does she have these powers that she has to learn to control, but she is going to be under the control under the Elders.

It’s a family reunion on the show as Skye’s mother has a little heart to heart with her (though she doesn’t know it’s her mother). She is still angry with Cal for his lack of control but glad that he was able to find Skye for her.

shield 2_16_3

The Box
Gonzales is determined to find out what is in that box and why Coulson and Fury were trying to keep it under wraps. Fitz refuses to help, but curiosity has Simmons’s interest. Of course, Bobbi plays this weakness against Simmons. She is able to open the box for Bobbi. This creates another wedge in the relationship in Fitz and Simmons’s relationship causing Fitz to leave.

Or so it would seem. Apparently Fitz and Simmons were playing Bobbi and her group as they were able to get the box to leave with Fitz so he can take it to Coulson.

Gonzales starts working the only other person that he can get answers from. May but she is loyal to Coulson. He needs to get to Coulson before Coulson gets to Skye. He makes May an offer. A seat on his board if she helps find Coulson.

In the next episode, Skye continues to work on her powers while we find out why May is called ‘the Cavalary’.

What did you think of the show?



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