‘Chicago PD’ 2×19 – Chicago PD learns from past mistakes to catch a serial killer

chicago pd 2_19_8

In the last episode, a truck full of heroine is found and Voight’s name is written all over it. Now he has to clean up his tracks before he goes down for the crime.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Three Gs”, one killer that got away from Oslinsky comes back and he does anything he can to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

No Good Deed
On the surface it was an ordinary call for Oslinsky and Lindsey but they come into a disaster as they find 12 victims chained to the walls. Apparently the victims were killed because they were illegal immigrants that their families were trying to pay to come over. It’s linked to a man named Dennis Lee.

chicago pd 2_19_4

The One that Got Away
When there is a bad guy that gets away from a cop, especially a good cop like Oslinsky, they don’t forget about it. Lee is the only one that got away from Oslinsky and he is determined to not let that happen again. But they find it won’t be that easy as they find that Lee is working with the Triads.

Voight makes a deal with the Triads. He will let this deal slide if he gives them Lee. Pays off as they are able to get them a location. Before a shootout ensues, fighting to see who gets the right to kill Lee.

All the mistakes that Oslinsky made the first time around, he is fixing this time around. It starts with arresting the girl that helped him last time, Anna.

chicago pd 2_19_3

Staying Strong
It is tough to let failed investigations go, especially when they come back to haunt you. Especially for someone like Oslinsky. He holds everything close to the vest. Voight sees this and tries to put an end to it. He knows that he needs Oslinsky focused and not wallowing in the mistakes that he made in the first case.

Roman finds himself in trouble for punishing a fellow officer for causing a problem for him during an investigation. And it leads to him being suspended despite the fact that we all would have done what he did. Burgess proves that she’s a good partner by backing him up.

Nadia continues to move on up to get her badge. She passes her written exam with flying colors but the psych exam might be a different story.

On April 28th, there is a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Law and Order SVU as they all come together to try and catch a serial killer.

What did you think of the show?


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