‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×19 – SVU goes viral

svu 16_19_1

In the last episode, a young college student accuses a hockey team of raping her but as the case unfolds they find that maybe it’s all a ploy.

In this week’s show, titled “Granting Immunity”, an epidemic of measles takes place and some mothers are accused of endangering children while the case hits close to come for Benson as Noah comes down with something.

Rainbow Party
The whole show is centered around this event called ‘rainbow party’ where the kids that went to the party and did drugs and have sex with one another and then post it on social media because that’s what you do when you go to a party. Post selfies all over the internet. SVU tries to stop them from go viral, but like the measles, it goes viral.

svu 16_19_2

An Epidemic
When it’s learned that one of the kids has a viral disease things explode (metaphorically) and the boy’s biological mother, Trudy (Missi Pyle, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is less then enthusiastic to help the SVU keep the infection away from other people. Especially since it gets to be that Noah might be infected.

SVU has touched on this kind of thing before, whether or not to vaccinate their child. The added element of Noah being infected changes things, especially for Benson.

SVU and Barba go after Trudy for reckless endangerment because it’s his fault that nine other kids got infected. What makes things worse is that she’s been referring a lot of other parents to go to this doctor that falsify records.

During the trial, Trudy tries to push her agenda about the downfalls about getting vaccinations. Her agenda is found with merit as she is found not guilty for reckless endangerment but is guilty on the lesser charge.

svu 16_19_4

Family Matters
Amaro gets some bad news as he finds out that his son, Gil, is moving to San Diego because of the dangers that they live in. Wouldn’t be surprised if Amaro tries to set them up.

Benson puts her mommy hat on as Noah finds himself in the hospital again for the third time in the short two years of his life. Things goes south quickly as his body has a hard time accepting the antibodies. This case challenges Benson as a mother and cop as she tries to keep the two things separate.

In the next episode,  we get out second 3-show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD as they all bond together to try and catch a serial killer.

What did you think of the show?




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