‘Revenge’ 4×19 – Louise joins Team Victoria as Emily has to deal with the after effects of her big reveal

revenge 4_19_3

In the last episode, Emily ties to fix the unintentional damage that she caused, Victoria eagerly chases a new lead against Emily.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Exposure’, Emily has to deal with the consequences of her big reveal.

Switching Sides
Louise is quite upset that Emily and Nolan lied to her about her true identity and of course Victoria is going to use this against Emily. Louise gives Victoria the flash drive that she took from Nolan.Wait until she finds out that Victoria is only using her.

Margaux is not as willing to go after Amanda as she was before. She did what she promised and cleared Daniel’s name and made sure the world know that he was a hero. She tells Victoria the truth about how Emily didn’t push her. She bows out. That is until the end of the show. But that’s to come.

revenge 4_19_4

Of course Emily revealing that she is Amanda it’s going to make a whole lot of people angry. All those past people that she took down are going to want to get their own revenge against her. The first name will be Kinglsey. We are far enough in the show where they can use flashbacks effectively as we remember all the people that Emily hurt in the past.

Emily of course is not stupid and knows they are going to want revenge as she goes and pays Kingsley a visit. She knows that he’s trying to team up with Harmon, Barnes, and Lydia. As the season comes to an end, don’t be surprised to see some old faces return as they will be wanting to get even with Emily for what she did.

We get a lot of flashbacks in the show as we watch the last four seasons come to a head in this show. It’s a nice refresher as we see all the things that Emily did when she began her plan and the roads that lead her to where she is now.

revenge 4_19_8

Ben is angry with Emily for her reveal because it’s going to get him in trouble at work. It was something that she had to sacrifice in order to try and stay ahead of the game.

Emily is not the only one that is getting some negative effects from the big reveal. Nolan basically lost his friendship with Louise. She is angry that he lied.

Nolan tells Emily and David about the flash drive and how Victoria has everything that she has that can show the world what they did. A furious Emily is a reckless Emily and it’s apparent as she goes after Victoria by herself.

Amanda Clark comes on a national TV show so that Victoria couldn’t get on the show. She tells the world the kind of woman that Victoria is which includes how she killed Aiden.

In next week’s show, the war between Emily and Victoria comes to a head and end by the end of the season.

What did you think of the show?



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