“Gotham” 1×19 – Gordon works a cold case while Fish tries to escape the island

gotham 1_19_2

In the last episode, we count down to the season finale with 4 episodes left. The enemies of Gotham begin to come out while Gordon tries to save Gotham.

In this week’s show, titled “Beasts of Prey”, Gordon and Bullock investigate a cold case involving the Ogre, a serial killer.

A New Killer Rises
Bullock and Gordon have their hands full in this show as a new serial killer, Jason Lennon (MiloVentimiglia, TV’s Heroes) aka The Orge, makes an appearance. Gordon takes on this case because he wants to make prove that he deserves the title for Chief of Police and Bullock is forced to go along for the ride.

This show is a little different then the other cases that we’ve seen Gordon and Bullock solve. As they discover clues, we get flashbacks the attack. Jason uses the women that he kidnaps to play housewife to him and he punishes them when they disobey him.

As the case unfolds, Gordon begins to wonder if he was being set up and why? Looks like its Loeb wanting his revenge. Less then enthused about what Loeb did, he makes a promise to find the Ogre before taking him down.

gotham 1_19_4

The Great Escape
Mooney continues to try and find a way out of the island but she quickly sees that it’s not going to be at all easy. She takes on the help of some of the other inmates. It’s a bold plan and one that can go so wrong so fast, but Mooney is not one to make plans without thinking it all the way through.

She proves that she’s smarter then Dollmaker but not without some of her own blood being lost.

gotham 1_19_5

Search for Answers
Bruce and Alfred take it upon themselves to try and find Reggie, instead of enlisting the help of Gordon. Guess this is the beginning for Bruce to keeping Gordon in the dark about his inner workings.

Bruce calls in on an old friend, Selina, to help him find Reggie. She works her magic and is able to help him. Reggie tells him who is trying to take him down and why. This is all before Selina kills him by throwing him out the window.

Meanwhile, Oswald buys a little nothing bar with the plan to kill Don Maroney. Seems a bit ambitious, curious to see how this works out.

In the next episode, Gordon is in a rush to find The Ogre before he strikes again, but the stakes might be higher when The Ogre sets his sights on Barbara.

What did you think of the show?



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