‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×17 – Skye learns the truth, while fans learn about the Calvary

shield 2_17_1In the last episode, Coulson uses what little resources he has to try and get SHIELD and Skye back.

In this week’s episode, called ‘Melinda’, Skye continues to work on her powers while we find out why May is called ‘the Cavalary’.

Motherly Love
Joy-lin begins to show Skye about her powers, while keeping the secret of her identity from Skye. Skye starts to trust her and starts to get a handle on her powers. She is not one to take on students to train. She shows Skye all the good that can come from her power, not just the destruction.

After hearing about Skye’s childhood, Joy-lin tells Skye the truth, that she’s her mother. And mind is blown. But she can’t tell anyone or else she will have to leave.

Joy-lin asks for a favor. For her to have dinner with Cal, which is the reoccurring nightmare that Raina has or is it a look at the future?

Before May went on her final mission as the Calvary, we learn that she was happily married to Andrew and trying to have a baby.  The desire to have a child is what posses May to join in the Calvary.

shield 2_17_2

The Truth About the Calvary
It’s been two years in the making. May has had quite the reputation because of her role in the Calvary. Throughout the show, we go back and forth from present day and 7 years earlier. They are looking for a young woman named, Eva, who has super strength.

Things go south quick during the mission and May wants in but Coulson plays the mission by the letter but he has to make an executive decision and he sends May in. But when she goes in, she sees that she may be out of her element as all the agents are under Eva’s control.

Turns out that Eva had gone through the mist like Skye did and was under the schooling of Joy-Lin but she didn’t listen, so that lead to her being taken down. But the truth is, that it was Eva’s daughter that was controlling them. The same little girl that May was trying to save. She had to kill the little girl and it broke her.

This explains why May broke up with Andrew and why she didn’t want to have kids. She could never let that little girl go.

shield 2_17_3

The Search for Coulson
May gets a run down on what Gonzales has been working on with his SHIELD. Bobbi wants May to open up about Coulson but May isn’t so easy to give up on Coulson. She will always be loyal to him, but she is curious to see what Gonzales is doing.

Bobbi continues to try and reason with May, but May knows that sometimes secrets are a part of the job. May talks with Simmons about Data Protocol to get some insight because she doesn’t trust what Bobbi is telling her. And May is not at all happy that Coulson’s been hiding a lot of secrets from her, including meeting with Andrew.

In the next episode, we will get a look inside the box while Coulson tries to remain incognito.

What did you think of the show?



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