“Daredevil” season 1 – start of a beautiful relationship between Marvel and Netflix

daredevil 1

In the reboot of the comic book adaptation Daredevil, we meet up with Matt Murdock as he does everything that he can to protect Hell’s Kitchen from being over taken by Kingpin and his men.

The show is the first of the Marvel shows to come to Netflix and certainly set the stage for what we can expect for the future Marvel shows. It has everything that we love about the comic book and makes it his own. It’s dark, gritty, and doesn’t shy away from the ugliness that is in the world.

Throughout the season, we see clips of the relationship between Matt and his father. The relationship shapes Matt as an adult and the choices he makes when he is Daredevil.

What makes this show standout against a lot of the other super hero adaptations that we’ve seen is that it’s very realistic. Yes, of course, there are aspects that are to far fetched to believe but for the most part it’s pretty spot on with realism. Case and point is in episode 2 when Matt has long fight with a bunch of goons who kidnapped a kid. Usually, the goods are knocked out after round one. But in the show, it takes more time to knock them out and Matt shows fatigue.

daredevil 3

Throughout the series there are little Easter eggs that were dropped with no emphasis, but if you see (or hear them) you will shriek in joy. This is the Marvel universe and that’s how that works. One of the major Easter eggs is the Stan Lee sighting (but we will leave that open for you to try and find).

The show dives deeper not only into Matt’s childhood and how he got to be the Daredevil, but also what makes Wilson Fisk the Kingpin. It helps humanize the villain of the show and lets the fans see that there is something that you can understand about him and the choices that he’s made.

Like any good Marvel adaptation, we get a lot of light moments in the show, despite the fact that it’s a dark show. Foggy is pretty much the comic relief of the show, but don’t think that he doesn’t have more depth then that. Leland is sarcastic and breaks the tension with Kingpin because he can be a little too serious, and Karen has these one-liners that have you cracking up.

To get the show by show recap, you can go here.

What did you think of the first season of Daredevil on Netflix?



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