“Shadowhunters” TV series begins casting with Jace

dominic sherwood

The casting has begun for the movie-turned-TV series, The Shadowhunters.

The first actor to be named to the series is Dominic Sherwood. Sherwood, who is best known for his role on the Vampire Academy and was last seen in Taylor Swift’s music video “Style”, will be playing Clary’s love interest and essential bad boy Jace Herondale.

The Shadowhunters is based on the NY Times Best-Selling series by Cassandra Clare that follows 18-year old Clary as she embarks on a journey into the world of Shadowhunters trying to rid the world of evil demons.

Three weeks ago, ABC Family announced that they will be airing the show that is going to be led by Ed Dector. There is still no date announced for release, but fall 2015 is expected.

Unique Films had adapted the film in 2013 but the movie bombed at the box office only bringing in $90.5 million total.

What do you think of the Dominic Sherwood as Jace?


2 thoughts on ““Shadowhunters” TV series begins casting with Jace

  1. Betsy says:

    I can definitely deal,with Sherwood as Jace! Now that I’ve seen him, I’m ok ! Still love ❤ Bower, but I’m good ! Can’t wait for series to start !

    • Kris D says:

      I actually think Sherwood looks more like the Jace I had pictured. Bower captured that arrogance that Jace has but i thought he was a little too skinny.

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