“The Following” 3×9- Theo meets with an old friend

the following 3_9_3

In last week’s episode, Theo gets his bearings and fights back against Ryan as he tries to outsmart Theo.

In this week’s episode, titled “Kill the Messenger”, Ryan continues to search for Theo as Theo shows the range of his skills.

Class Reunion
Theo steals some kind of iPad looking thing from a painting in a Julianna Barnes room. Turns out that he wants to use it to try and find Strauss’s other students. Perhaps to join together and go against Ryan and the FBI.

Joe remembers meeting Theo especially after he learned that Theo is on the run. He is going to use this as a way to connect with Ryan. Theo was in his class in college. It’s left an impression on him because Theo sends in his new lacky to get to Joe. He wants to make a deal. Joe can get infamy if Joe gives him the key to Strauss’s secrets.

the following 3_9_1

Hidden Agenda
Mike has one of the IT people trying to track the laptop that was in the house. Little does he know that Mark is not the one that has it, but Tom. Of course, Max is less then pleased that Mike is still looking for Mark. And uh oh bad news for Mike. Max takes over the investigation. Tom better watch his back. It’s about to blow up in his face.

Mark is also going to use the laptop to try and find Mike. Question will come to do who can figure out that Tom has it first?

When Tom figures out that they are tracking the laptop, he destroys it, but is it enough to keep him out of trouble? the following 3_9_2
Ryan is still haunted by his connection with Joe. He keeps having dreams where Joe teaches him how to kill people.

Daisy is still trying to deal with losing Kyle and trying to remain under the radar. She tries to hook up with a guy but it goes bad for him. It doesn’t get any better for her when Mark (or as he likes to be called now Luke) returns and seeks revenge. She can buy time, but he’s most likely going to kill her by the end of it all.

As the show comes to an end, Ryan must come to terms with the ghost of Joe and Gwen learns that she is pregnant. But what will that mean for her and Ryan?

In the next episode, Joe stages his last hurrah and demands that Ryan is the one that kills him.

What did you think of the show?

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