‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×19 – We find out how its all connected

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In the last episode, Grant Ward is sought by Agent Coulson and Hunter, who want to form a surprising alliance with him.

In this week’s episode, called ‘The Dirty Half Dozen’, SHIELD calls on Ward’s help to cause a big dent in the Hydra armor.

Throughout the show we get little hints and clues to figure out how this season is connected with The Avengers Age of Ultron. Towards the end of the show we get an exclusive clip from the movie.

Hyrda’s Experiments
The question begins to form in whether or not Sunil is working on his own accord or is doing it because of Ward.

They are trying to experiment on Mike and Lincoln to see what makes them tick. Perhaps do the same things that they did to Joy-Lin. But the question still remains, what are they experimenting for? And who is it that the Hydra people keep talking about and how they will be ‘pleased’?
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Battle of SHIELDS
Coulson tries to talk with Gonzalez about teaming up and trying to stop HYDRA and save Mike. Looks like Gonzalez has his own secrets but Coulson makes him a deal but it involves Ward and Agent 33, so Gonzalez is a little skeptical to trust the plan. In the end, they agree to try and save Mike and Lincoln.

Skye knows this and she wants to go in and help, of course against Gordon’s recommendation. It’s a little happy reunion amongst her and the other agents as they work as a group for the first time in over a season.

Skye saves Lincoln before he dies and Simmons has the opportunity to take out someone she thinks is a threat. Ward. But the question is, will she have the heart to do it?

Doesn’t matter because Sunil accidentally takes the hit meant for Ward. He skedaddles away while Simmons helps Skye with Lincoln. But he shows a softer side of himself by telling Coulson to help Cara.

Gonzalez admits that he went along with the plan so that he can keep Mike, Lincoln, and Skye in captivity.

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It’s All Connected
With the release of The Avengers Age of Ultron coming out on Thursday, we get to see how the show is connected with the movie. It starts with the reference of The Maximoff Twins. Looks like they were the first successful people to make it through Hydra’s experiments.

Hydra is making another strong wave to the front runner as a threat. Coulson tells Maria that Loki’s septor can control minds and that someone is holding it hostage with a plan to use it. In the words of Coulson:

In the next episode, Gonzalez wants to wage war against the ‘inhumans’ while Skye and Coulson try to save them.

What did you think of the show?



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