‘Chicago PD’ 2×20 – The Chicago PD try and find the suspect

chicago pd 2_20_3

In the last episode, one killer that got away from Olinsky comes back and he does anything he can to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Number of Rats”, On April 28th, there is a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Law and Order SVU as they all come together to try and catch a serial killer.

In the first part of the three part crossover event, the story starts in Chicago Fire. The CPD put out a fire that leads to the discovery that one of the victims is very similar to a case the Benson worked in 2004 with Stabler.

It didn’t take long before #Crossoverweek was trending on Twitter.

Family Ties
Will seems really interested in the case and on the surface it seems like nothing, considering he is a doctor, but when Benson finds out that he was questioned in one of the previous victim’s case, it raises a major red flag. Guess he just became a person of interest.

Halstead figures out that they are ambushing Will and puts an end to the questioning. He’s gonna certainly have trust issues with Benson when it comes to the future of this investigation.

chicago pd 2_20_4

Team Effort
Benson catches the Chicago PD up on what she knows about the four previous victims. But the stakes get much higher when the victim, Victoria, dies.

Lindsey/Halstead go through the house to try and get clues for the rapist. And they hit a jackpot as Lindsey finds green nail polish.

Fin and Amaro join Benson in Chicago as they work the case from there. Carisi and Rollins stay in New York to work the case there.

Mouse is able to get them access to a car that they think that suspect is using. Roman and Burgess find him and bring him in, despite not really have a reason. Which is why they make up one.

Amaro and Lindsey interrogate the man, Greg Yates, trying to get him to slip up. It’s quick to see that this man is hearing cuckoo birds in his head. Will comes up and confirms the suspicions.

Lindsey gets sucked into the game as he meets with her to ‘talk’ but it’s all a ruse to distract her of the fact that there is another body. Could it be Nadia who he was eyeballing at the station? She certainly fit his type.

chicago pd 2_20_5

In spite that the case is keeping them all busy, Nadia plans a birthday party for Lindsey, despite the fact that she wants one. But really, who wants one after the age of 21?

It doesn’t last long Greg kidnaps her as she is coming back with Lindsey’s cake.

What did you think of the show?


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