“Gotham” 1×21 – Oswald makes a bold move while Gordon tries to take down the Ogre

gotham 1_21_1

In the last episode, Gordon is in a rush to find The Ogre before he strikes again, but the stakes might be higher when The Ogre sets his sights on Barbara.

In this week’s show, titled “The Anvil of the Hammer”, Gordon begins his search for Barbara while Bruce continues to unwrap the secrets of Wayne’s Enterprise.

The First Riddle
Edward starts to see the consequences of his actions of killing Officer Gordy. He is forced into lying to Ms. Kringle but it does give him a new sense of confidence. Will this lead to him finally making a move on his beloved?

He is still bitter about the way he treats him and Ms. Kringle. He covers his tracks by hiding the body and writing his first riddle. The first of many.

Sneaky Move
Oswald proves that he’s the puppet master to Falcone and Maroni. He uses one of Falcone’s men to take the fall at the bar he bought so that Maroni will start a war against Falcone. This serves the purpose of him getting out from under Falcone’s thumb.

He once again proves that he’s not like the other villains that we will see. This is going to involve Bullock and Gordon real soon and those favors that Gordon owes Oswald are going to be coming in handy.

Tough Decisions
Barbara sees that Jason is not the man that she thought he was. He works his magic on her (and by magic I mean he drugs her) into having her side with him. He kills her parents to try and prove his love for her.

Gordon and Bullock work Jason’s past to try and find Barbara. It leads to Gordon falling deeper into problems as he makes another deal with Oswald. But this time it’s a big favor.

It pays out in the end as Gordon and Bullock get to her in time before she gets killed. They are able to kill Jason preventing him from killing any more innocent women.

Meanwhile, Bruce finds himself in problems with Wayne Enterprises as he sees he’s in way over his head. It leads to Bruce admitting to Alfred what he did.

In the next episode, Bruce tries to figure out his father’s secrets while Gordon and Bullock try to put an end to the war between Falcone and Maroni.

What did you think of the show?

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