Book review – “Nova and Quinton: No Regrets” – story of two troubled souls finding a new place in the world

nova and quinton no regrets

Format: e-books, paperback

Series:  book 3 in the Nova series

Rating: 17+ for language, drug use

Goodreads Page:

In the fourth book of the series we follow Nova and Quinton as they fight their addictions and try and remain sober but when complications rise they find the fight is harder then they ever thought it could be.

While the book does have a little bit of a romantic story it’s not the main point of the story. It focuses more on the struggle.of addiction, getting sober, and staying sober.

Nova really comes into her own in this story. She embraces the hardships of her past and stops letting it control her. She learns that she can’t save everyone and that it’s ok.

Quinton comes out of rehab and struggles with being sober. He tries to deal with the tragedy of losing his girlfriend and trying to move on with Nova. The hardest thing for him to sober and not give into temptation. With the help of Nova and their possible future it makes it a little easier.

Sorenson does an amazing job, once again, at creating characters that have so many levels. You find that you can always.relate to.them in some way (even if you never had an.addiction like them) and are cheering for them to get their happy ever after. But of course, life is cruel sometimes and Sorensen reminds us of that as well.

Rating: B-


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