“Gotham” 1×22 – Fish returns looking for vengeance in the Season 1 finale

gotham 1_22_4

In the last episode, Gordon begins his search for Barbara while Bruce continues to unwrap the secrets of Wayne’s Enterprise.

In this week’s show, titled “All Happy Families Are Alike”, Bruce tries to figure out his father’s secrets while Gordon and Bullock try to put an end to the war between Falcone and Maroni.

Falcone vs. Maroni
The war is waging on between the two families and Gordon of course puts himself right in the middle of it. On the plus side, he is able to pay back one of his favors to Oswald.

The war finally gets decided (at least for a little while) by the end of the show, but you know it’s only a temporary peace because all hell will break loose next season.

gotham 1_22_2

Welcome Back
Fish returns back to Gotham and shines on ‘the new morning’. Wait until she sees how much her club has changed since she’s last been in Gotham.

She starts off by taking in Falcone, Gordon, Bullock, and Oswald hostage with the promise to kill them so that she can get her territories back. But Oswald is able to work his way into Fish’s head and is able to turn her against Maroni.

Fish shows Maroni that she is not the same #2 under boss she used to be. She takes him out and all Hell breaks loose between the two families. Shots are fired and everyone tries to kill someone else. Fish and Oswald have their big fight and it comes down to Butch making a decision on who to kill. And he kills…..no one. He shoots them both. But Fish is the one that meets her end. Oswald pushes her over the ledge.

gotham 1_22_5

Secrets Are Revealed
Despite it being an EXTREMELY bad idea, Thompkins councils Barbara but it becomes a contest over Gordon. Eventually Barbara opens up to her about her parents and how she killed them and not Jason. That’s when she goes crazy and starts attacking Thompkins in a way that is very reminiscent of The Shining.

Ms. Kringle figures out the riddle of the letter that Nygma wrote and now he has to look out for her. Her finding out causes him to snap. Let the riddles begin.

Bruce is gun-ho on trying to find his father’s secret, not at all worried about how what it could be and how it could effect him.

Alfred is less then enthusiastic about him looking into his father’s past. Could it be because he knows or be because he doesn’t know? Guess we will find out in the future BatCave next season.

What did you think of the show?



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