“The Following” 3×10 – Ryan falls further down the rabbit hole

the following 3_10_1

In last week’s episode,  Joe stages his last hurrah and demands that Ryan is the one that kills him.

In this week’s episode, titled “Demons”, Ryan deals with the demons that still haunt him despite the fact that Joe is gone.

Mark and Daisy are beginning to plan out their plan to get revenge on Mike and Ryan. While they are planning, they get close and connect and it makes you wonder if there is something brewing. They find themselves needing some help from someone who knows their way around the hacker world. Don’t know if Theo will be willing to help.

Tom finds that his curiosity finally is coming back to haunt him as he is made and it causes him to accidentally kill another agent.

the following 3_10_3

Reveal the Shark
Max is able to find a case that looks a lot like Theo could be a part of. Ryan remembers the case that another FBI agent works, Lisa (Diane Neal, Law and Order SVU). They think that by catching her serial killer it will cause Theo to come out of hiding.

While investigating the case, Ryan starts seeing Joe and it leads him on a wild goose chase that leads to him having problems with Max, Mike, and Lisa.

Ryan botches the case up but he might get a second chance as the target on his back grows bigger. The Madman comes looking for them trying to walk them through the Gates of Hell. Ryan goes crazy on his head and almost chops it off before Lisa calms him down. I think someone needs a vacation.

He finds out that Theo asked The Madman to kill his family and to spare him and his sister, Penny (but her real name is Sophie). Now it’s going to be a race to see who finds the other first.

the following 3_10_2Finding a Clean Break
Theo thinks that he found the place that Strauss was hiding. Theo needs to secure this money if he wants any chance at getting out. They find out that her name is Eliza. Now we all know that this Eliza is going to be someone we know, because let’s face it, that’s how these twists work. (would be loving the twist if it’s Claire).

Turns out this Eliza chick hosts very, interesting parties, as it involves men torturing and killing women. Oh and other BDSM forms of sex. He offers her a deal. He will bring her Ryan if she helps him disappear. All this does is show us who Ryan is going to be chasing in Season 4.

What did you think of the show?




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