‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×20 – One war ends while another one begins

shield 2_20_1

In the last episode, SHIELD calls on Ward’s help to cause a big dent in the Hydra armor.

In this week’s episode, called ‘Scars’, Coulson shares a secret he’s kept from everyone and Skye feels conflicted about her relationship with Cal. The show picks up right where the Age of Ultron left off, so if you haven’t seen it yet, just know that there are going to be some spoilers. They are tiny ones but they still are there.

We start a year in the past as Coulson meets with Billy to learn about the Theta Protocol. And guess what it is? It’s the same helicarrier that Nick Fury used to save all those lives in Age of Ultron. Coulson puts the cards on the table and tells the group about Theta Protocol and how and why he had to keep them in the dark.

Turns out that Gonzalez is holding a giant Kree structure but they have no idea what it does. We all know that it’s going to be nothing good because nothing good comes from the alien stuff that the humans try to play with.

Skye opens up to Coulson about the things that she’s learned since she’s been at the Afterlife and it includes who her mother is.

Agent 33 remembers something that Bobbi is not happy about her finding out (probably what happened between them years before) and it leads to Bobbi getting kidnapped (maybe) by Ward. Well, we don’t really know what his next plan is but as Simmons has said before, it’s all on her.

Agent 33 has her memories cleared of what Hydra did to her as she works her way back into her job back at SHIELD.

Lincoln wakes up and is nervous about being surrounded by SHIELD. He knows that they are going to want Afterlife. SHIELD is obsessed with putting the people that they don’t understand on a registry list and with SHIELD knowing they exist, they are going to want to put them all on the Index (which Lincoln ends up on anyways).

Coulson is now the director of the newly combined SHIELD and has to get used to have a strong voice in his number two, Gonzalez, and losing Mack because of his history with alien blood.

shield 2_20_2

Defensive Moves
Raina and Gordon go on a mission to find out where the Kree information is that she saw in her vision. But you know where it leads them? Right where SHIELD is now.

Skye is protecting the Inhumans from SHIELD and Coulson/May are nervous that Skye’s loyalty has changed hands. Whether or not she likes it, she is going to be dragged into the middle of the whole fight between the Inhumans and SHIELD.

Cal knows that Raina is up to no good and tries to warn them but of course Joy-lin doesn’t want to hear it. So he does what he feels he needs to do, he sacrifices himself. Joy-lin catches wind of what Raina was doing and shuts her down.

During her meeting with Gonzalez, everything seems to be going ok until she learns that he wants to Index the Inhumans. Of course, she gets all defensive and kills Gonzalez before declaring war on SHIELD. Looks like Coulson is not going to get that break that he wanted.

In the 2 hour season finale, Skye is torn between her friends and her family as the war brews.

What did you think of the show?



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