‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×21 – Ellis returns to help save a man who was wrongly convicted

svu 16_21_1

In the last episode, we get out second 3-show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD as they all bond together to try and catch a serial killer.

In this week’s show, titled “Perverted Justice”, A woman wants to recant her testimony in an incest case from when she was a child.

Familiar Faces
Cragan returns as he works one of his old cases where a young girl accused her father of raping her (and it turns out that she was lying). Probably about the person but not the crime itself. So now the question remains, who raped her?

Uphill Battle
A young woman, named Michelle, comes to the police wanting to recant saying that her father raped her saying that her mother made her do it. It’s not going to be an easy one for Ellis to prove considering that Michelle is in the 10 step program for sobriety.

Ellis finds what should be the trump card to get the father off, but of course, the former defense attorney is a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs so she doesn’t remember anything about a letter and the judge isn’t so open minded. Which means that the father is returning back to his cell.

svu 16_21_2

A Dirty Play
As the case starts to unfold, it turns out that there as a dirty cop involved (well sorta). It turns out that the arresting officer, Detective McCormick, was sleeping with Michelle’s mother. Perhaps this is why she wanted to have her husband sent away.

Ellis is not going to stand for that. He puts forth all his effort and shows why he’s the perfect lawyer for Project Innocence. Too bad that his clients are the best at helping him. In the end he is able to succeed, but Benson wonders if maybe

In the next episode,  SVU investigate a kidnapping of a little boy who the mother may be involved in.

What did you think of the show?



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