TM Frazier announces “King” release date


A few days ago, TM Frazier left a Facebook status stating that she had a ‘special message’ for her fans for Monday. She didn’t waste any time posting a video giving the fans an update on what we can expect for the future.

You can see it by going here.

 The biggest news comes from the announcement of King, which was supposed to come out last month but got delayed. We can now expect the book to come out June 15th. There will be pre-order links available beforehand, but for now, they are not up.

Stay tuned for that.

But she doesn’t stop there. She announces two more books that she has been working on.

She announced when her next two books are going to come out. The second book will be a sequel to King (but it doesn’t have a title yet) and that is expected to come out August 17th. The final book that we are going to see from her comes from the same world and it’s called Lawless. This one is expected to come out December 7th.

King duology is a spin-off from The Dark Light of Day book. We first meet the character for King at the end of the Novella Dark Needs. Jake meets him at the end of the book after he helps him get out of jail. So that probably means we will see Jake and Abby again.

What do you think of the announcement?


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