“The Following” 3×12 and 13- Ryan goes to “The Edge” in this “Simple Trade”

the following 3_12_1

In last week’s episode,  Ryan deals with the demons that still haunt him despite the fact that Joe is gone.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Edge” and “A Simple Trade”, we get a two hour show as Ryan races to kill Theo using Penny and Theo uses Mike to get to Ryan.

A few days ago, FOX announced that they would not be picking up the 4th season of the show. Fans took to Twitter and Facebook trying to get the show picked up on Hulu or Netflix. While nothing has been announced yet, it’s still a possibility. Fans have a way of changing network’s minds and giving shows a second chance (look at Family Guy).

Covering Tracks
Tom is frantic to try and clean up the mess he made because his curiosity got the better of him. Now he has to do Mark and Daisy a little ‘favor’ or else he’s going down for Sloane’s murder. He’s got a giant question of conscious right now. What is he going to do?

Of course he gets Theo inside.

Theo works on taking out Eliza so that him and Penny can go on the run. But circumstances stop him.

Mark uses Tom to get to Mike and Tom ends up paying for his crimes as he gets killed by the hands of Daisy and Mark.

the following s3Chess Moves
While Mark and Daisy look for Mike and Ryan, Ryan and Max are looking for Penny. They know it’s the only way that they can get to Theo. Ryan is able to find her (without Max’s knowing) and uses her to get information (and probably bait) for Theo.

Once Ryan hits Theo, Theo hits right back by taking Mike from Mark and Daisy. Now it’s going to be a battle of wills. Ryan has something to prove and Theo has no problem killing for the sake of proving a point.

Team Bonding
Theo and Penny team up with Daisy and Mark (a highly unlikely team) and they use each other to try and take down a common enemy. Ryan (and by extension, Mike). This is only going to end badly for someone (probably Daisy and Mark) because Theo is not one to make friends.

Before going after Ryan, they have to handle a ‘situation’ as Eliza tries to take him out, but once again Theo proves why he’s too smart to catch.

After Mike gets taken  and Max finds out, her and Ryan know that they have to work together to get Mike out alive. But they have bigger demons to fight against, and I don’t mean just Theo. I’m talking about Ryan’s addiction.

Point of No Return

Ryan is looking to make up to Gwen for getting drunk and (cheating on her. Still not clear if she knows about this). It’s going to be an uphill battle for him. She wants to give him a second chance, but will Ryan be able to give up the bottle? Ryan takes matters starts using some of Joe’s methods to try and get information on Theo. He may be dead, but he’s not gone. He gets inside of Ryan’s head and eggs him on to torture Penny using an old favorite. Dry drowning. 

A Simple Trade

When it comes time for the trade, Theo is down his long shooter in Mark which means that Daisy has to take the handle. Considering she’s never shot one before is not at all forshadowing for the big ‘trade off’ between Theo and Ryan. Ryan and Max have the upper hand are able to get to Mike alive, but Penny’s pride gets her killed. Ryan just entered into Screwed-ville. And Theo’s the mayor. Theo is going to come back guns blazing next week looking to get his revenge on Ryan. Which means Max, Mike, and Gwen are in danger.

Something to Fight For

The whole ordeal is a wakeup call for Ryan and Mike. Gwen tells Ryan that she’s pregnant and says that he can’t be a part of the baby’s life if he’s a drunk. So, Ryan goes to AA to get help. Mike on the other hand, is starting to see that there is more the revenge and killing Mark. He admits that Max is the love of his life before Mark stabs him. Mark tries to kill Max but Mike finally is there for her kills Mark before he can.

In the next and finale episode, we get a 2-hour series finale as Ryan and Theo get ready for their final battle while Mike fights for his life.

What did you think of the show?



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