‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 2×21 – The Inhuman vs SHIELD war begins

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In the last episode, Gonzalez wants to wage war against the ‘inhumans’ while Skye and Coulson try to save them.

In this week’s episode, called “SOS”, In the 2 hour season finale, Skye is torn between her friends and her family as the war brews.

The Line is Cross

Skye’s decision is pretty made for her by Jiaying. She thinks that Gonzalez is responsible for starting the war between SHIELD and the Inhumans. The question is, why is it that she wanted to start the war? What is her end game? Jiaying starts to get a little frantic to cover her tracks. It’s obvious that she hasn’t done this before (or at least his effectively) and it may cost her relationship with Skye. The Inhumans attack the SHIELD ship and take it over as she takes back what they took from her. After seeing Jiaying start killing agents, Lincoln starts to see that maybe she’s not as innocent as he thinks that she is. Maybe Skye can get through to Lincoln.

Facing the Past
Ward and Kara have taken Bobbi hostage to work their own agenda. Looks like Kara is trying to get Bobbi to admit to getting Kara taken in by Hydra and tortured. It’s a revenge plan that Ward is helping her with. But Bobbi is not one to just ‘apologize’. She tries to talk her way out of the situation, but it’s not going to be easy considering she’s dealing with Ward.

Once Hunter finds out that Bobbi is missing, him and May, go on a mission to try and find them both with the promise to kill Ward. But Ward has a little surprise waiting for Hunter. Unless, of course, Bobbi can do something to stop the plan. And she does. She takes a bullet that was meant for Hunter.

May outsmarts Ward (which is a feat in itself) as she tricks Kara to go where Ward was and has Ward kill her think she was May. It’s safe to say that Ward is going to be out for blood (even more so then he already was).

True Colors

Coulson is trying to figure out what Cal is up to. Apparently he wants to get revenge for what happened to Jiaying and Skye and it leads to Cal becoming a make-shift werewolf. Coulson still believes that there is something good in him. He’s going to have to learn someday that there are some people that just can’t be saved. Cal finally opens up to Coulson and explains why he did what he did. Jiaying needed people to heal and he supplied them. And finally them come to a deal. They will work together to try and protect Skye. Jiaying finally reveals who she is to Skye, disappointing not only her but the fans as well. We had all hoped that this would be a good thing for Skye, but it turns out that Jiaying is too wrapped up in her hatred to be the mother that Skye deserves. She proves this as she tries to kill Skye. But Skye proves that she is someone to mess with as she fights back before Cal can get to her and kill Jiaying before she can kill Skye.

New Changes
Mack stays on and helps investigate the weird alien stuff they encounter (and it’s a lot of it). May takes a vacation (I know a miracle right?). Coulson starts working on a new plan (with Andrew’s help) and it’s going to be led by Skye. Ward takes over Hyrda and is looking for names to get his revenge on SHIELD. Cal gets his memory cleaned out and now he is a veterinarian.

Personal Matters
When there are deaths (or near deaths) it makes people look at the people in their lives and reevaluate their relationships. Each of the characters (at least that have relationships) look at their relationship and this includes the big talks between Fitz and Simmons, May and Andrew, and Hunter and Bobbi. Simmons almost admits her feelings for Fitz. May apologizes for keeping secrets from Andrew. Bobbi tells Hunter that she wants to leave SHIELD.

We say goodbye to Kara (Agent 33), a few henchmen that we don’t know, Gordon, and Jiaying.

This season gave us a lot to think about going forward with not only the show but with the entire Marvel universe. We met quite a few new characters and got attached to some of them (Bobbi and Hunter) while further in love with the bad guy, Ward, that will certainly give Loki a run for his money for Marvel fan love. The war is just beginning between SHIELD and the Inhumans which I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a set up for Captain America Civil War. Simmons gets sucked up into the Kree block that she was studying and it leaves that whole WTF moment.

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What did you think of the show?



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