“The Following” 3×14 and 15- Series finale that leaves you wanting more

the following 3_14_1 In last week’s episode,  we get a two hour show as Ryan races to kill Theo using Penny and Theo uses Mike to get to Ryan. In this week’s episode, titled “Dead or Alive” and “The Reckoning”, we get a 2-hour series finale as Ryan and Theo get ready for their final battle while Mike fights for his life. The Fight Begins The last episode has quite a lot going on in the last five minutes of the show. Theo lost his sister and Ryan knows that Theo is going to be looking for him. Mark Grey attacked Mike and stabbed him but Mike won the battle as he successfully kills Mark. Mike’s condition is still unknown. So basically Mike is not going to be in the finale all that much. Ryan uses the media to try and put the pressure on Theo and Daisy. And it works because it leads him and Max to Eliza (or who she tells Ryan is Annie).

Plan B

Theo starts plotting his revenge against Ryan for killing Penny. It starts with him asking for help from Eliza. And his target is…Gina. But Gina is not just any other victim. She is going to put up a fight. She is able to give Ryan a message incognito so that Ryan can go in their guns blazing. It also doesn’t help that Theo is smarter then Gina and can adapt to any little twist. Or so he thought. Curveball After meeting Ryan and Max, Eliza’s interest in him piques and she throws a curveball into Theo’s plan. She wants Ryan alive. Ryan comes in ‘guns blazing’ with his crew and it leads to Max successfully killing Daisy with Ryan chasing after Theo.

Plan C

Theo gets the better of Ryan and is able to take him on a little ‘trip’ to his grave. It looks like he’s going to break his deal with Eliza so that he can avenge his sister. He knows that Eliza needs Ryan more then Theo needs to his freedom. Eliza doesn’t take this sitting down. She is able to get to Ryan in the nick of time before Theo can kill Ryan. Now, we get to find out what she wants Ryan so bad. And it has to do with Campbell. Looks like she wants to take out Ryan so that she can get ahead in the FBI. There has got to be more to it then that.

One Last Twist

Now that we know that Campbell is the one that Eliza’s working for, we get to see the why. Max goes with Campbell looking for Ryan, oblivious to the fact that she is the informant in the FBI. Looks like it’s Campbell that needs Eliza. She is using her power to get promotions in the FBI. At least now we got the why. But will she has what it takes to kill Ryan. With Theo’s help, she might not get the choice. As he uses her to try and get to Gwen. Ryan and Theo finally have their final showdown which leads to Ryan shooting Theo and then Theo tackling Ryan so they both fall into the crashing water below. Because that’s not cliché at all.

Fresh Start

Ryan is trying to prove to Gwen that he is trying to change for her and the baby’s sake. He promises to leave the bureau. But the show proves that sometimes we don’t always get what we want. Max finally tells Mike that she loves him and that he is in fact the love of her life. In his final act, Ryan uses the incident with Theo to go into hiding and try and take down the people that Campbell was working for. He’s going to use Joe as his inspiration as he takes down these bad people. It’s these kinds of declarations that make you wonder if they writers knew that the show was going to come to an end this year. This show certainly changed the way that TV was done. Especially suspenseful dramas. The show had so many twists and turns that it was hard to guess what was going to happen. Season 3 wasn’t the best (by ratings description) and it didn’t help that the main villain from the first two seasons, Joe, was killed off. This show paved the road for the success of a lot of other gritty, crime dramas, that push the envelope. It’s going to be one that the fans will miss and then obsessively watch on Netflix for nostalgic reasons.

What did you think of the show?



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