‘Chicago PD’ 2×23 – Voight learns to not judge a book by its cover

chicago pd 2_23_1

In the last episode, a man hold a hospital hostage and the only one that can save them is Voight.

In this week’s episode, titled “Born into Bad News”, Lindsey spirals further out of control and it leads to a big mistake as she shoots another cop.

Helping Their Own
Perry brings Voight his son, Dave, with a case that they need help with. There are some dirty cops making deals with drug dealers to make some money and they need to take them down before Dave gets found.

Voight uses his name to try and get some leverage on the dirty cops. They are essentially working him to think that they are dirty too. But when they take him in, he finds that there is more to the story then what Dave tells them.

And without the testimony from Dave and Lindsey, Roland and his crew walk.

chicago pd 2_23_2Bad Choices
Voight is hesitant about Lindsey knowing that she is still spiraling down from Nadia’s death. That comes to a head in this show as she makes a very costly mistake. Now Voight has to try and cover up for her slipping up and taking some pills.

After the case fails, Intelligence and Perry are under attack by the Latin Kings. Dave and Perry get shot. Perry dies but Dave survives. Voight learns that Roland and his crew hired them to take out Dave. Now Lindsey’s in trouble.

Atwater may have earned his spot back in Intelligence as he gets to Lindsey in time to save her from getting shot. Just one more thing to take care of. Roland.

A ghost, Linda, from Oslinsky’s comes back. Apparently he had an affair on his wife while he was under cover and she is none to happy about it. Wonder what brings her back after all this time? Oh yeah. That’s right. Because she had a daughter with him.

Lindsey tells Voight that she quits the PD because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. Voight knows that she’s just wallowing but with Bunny being there and enabling her, he’s got nothing left to do but walk away.

chicago pd 2_23_3Fresh Start
Atwater gets cleared of his charges and is excited to get back up to Intelligence, but the only way that happens is if someone comes down. That is not going to happen anytime soon especially since Burgess is doing a good job.

Dawson wants to help save a boxing gym that saved him in his childhood. He wants Halstead and Roman to help him.

This season once again proves just how gritty that this line of work can be. The show is quickly picking up a passionate fan base (don’t believe me, follow the Twitter account). We are finally at that stage where we have attachments to all the characters and are invested in them getting their happy ever after.

What did you think of the show?




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