Book review – “Mended” by Sydney Landon – Lucia and Lia get the ending that they deserve

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 3 of 3 in the Lucian and Lia series
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the final book of the trilogy, we meet back up with Lucian as he tries to win the effects of Lia as they try and work through the demons of his past.

Comparing this book to the other two books, this one is a bit more laxed in the drama department. And I for one am happy about that. The first two books were so jammed pack with crazy events one after another, it’s a nice change of pace. We get to see the sweeter side of Lucian as he finally lets Lia in and is certainly going to vying for your hearts for your ‘book boyfriend’.

Lia really comes into her own in this story as she has to not only accept Lucian and his past but deal with the fact that her father wants back in her life. Plus her and Lucian find out whether or not they are going to have a baby. (Spoiler alert, but not really) she is pregnant. You probably were able to figure that out based on history of these kinds of books, but it is still a nice experience to watch and Lucian adjust to being parents.

Landon is able to set up the next two spin-off books for this series, one for Rose and one for Aiden. It was prominent enough so that when you read those you can pick up right where the book left off, but not so much that it stole focus from Lucia and Lia.

The ending was predictable, but not at the same time. You get the sense that something bad is going to happen at the hands of Cassie. I guess you can say ‘spoiler alert’ to that. But you probably already had guessed based on the emphasis that the book had on Cassie possibly having sleepovers out of the clinic. But that is probably the only part you will get. There is a whole other element to the ending that you will probably not guess. And it’s amazing.

The story has that nice bow-tie ending with no major cliffhangers or bad hangups to make you angry at the author. You can rest assure that Lia and Lucian get their happy ever after that they both desperately needed.

Rating: B

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