Book review – “Ultraviolet” by Jessica Sorensen – suspenseful start to a new series

Ultraviolet S1 E1 FOR WEB
Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 1 of the Ultraviolet series
Rating: 17+ for language, themes
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In this book, we follow Mila as she sets to go off on a road trip wither her best friend, Novela. The first stop is an eerie place called Hollow Grove where Mila had a vision that someone would get murdered there and they want to stop it. But once they get there, they it might have been a lie planted by ‘the whispers’ to trap her in the town.

This book reminds me a lot of a Stephen King novel because of the creepiness in the writing. Sorensen did an amazing job at creating the creepy and eerie town setting that may need to read this book with the lights on. Oh yeah, and make sure that you are not home alone.

The story is short, but it is long enough to grab your attention. There is a cliffhanger at the end of the book, but I would expect that for every book in this series.

This series is going to be released in what Sorensen called ‘episodes’. Considering how fast she writes book, it’s going to be a fitting way of describing the series. They are short quick reads (around 90 pages) that you are going to be able to read probably in a few hours. With the type of genre that this story is dabbling it, it’s going to be one that you are going to want to read all at once because it screams cliffhangers.

Rating: B-

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The Ultraviolet Series

Ultraviolet – Episode 1

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Ultraviolet – Episode 2

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