Katniss and Gale shown in first “Mockingjay pt 2” still

mockingjay pt 2_1

The first official image for the final movie of the epic franchise, Mockingjay pt 2 was released on Jennifer Lawrence’s (who plays Katniss) Facebook page.

The image, which is seen above, was posted with the tag line: 6.9.2015 #Mockingjaypt2 #Unite.

What this means, no one knows definitively, but a good guess would be the first teaser. The still is perfect for setting up what we are going to be seeing in Mockingjay pt 2 (which is set to hit the theaters on November 20th).

In the final movie, the war between the capital and the rebels will take place as Katniss will see the consequences to her actions involving a few berries.

A few days ago, a haunting poster of Snow’s statue in shambles was released on Twitter by One Panem. It looks like the advertising scheme that has been wildly successful for the first three films is going to continue for the final film.

Be ready for the rebels to take over.

What do you think of the first still?



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