Book review – “Nowhere but Here” by Katie McGarry – Story of living life to the fullest and to face your fears

nowhere but here

Format: ebook, paperback, hard cover
Series: book 1 of Thunder Road series
Rating: 15+ themes, language, violent scenes
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In the first book of a new series by Katie McGarry, we meet Emily, a sheltered 17 year old girl who gets thrown into the world of motorcycle clubs when she enters the world that her mother ran away from and her father still exists in. She meets prospect, Oz, who has only known the world that her father lives in but when he meets Emily, he questions everything he knows.

Emily lives a very sheltered life and with the exception of being forced into a relationship with Eli, she thinks her life is perfect. She has a great dad in Jeff and a mom who loves her. When she is forced to spend time with Eli and his family, she begins to see that her perfect world is not so perfect at all. She learns the secrets and lies of her parents’ lives and learns that the world is a whole lot bigger than the Florida life she knows.

Oz is one of those guys that thinks that he’s bad-ass but he’s really a big softy at heart. When he first meets Emily, he wants to hate her because of her mother, but as he gets to know her, he can’t help but fall in love with her. She sees the world beyond Snowflake even though she’s been sheltered for most of her life and it forces him to see that he can live a happy life without the Reign of Terror.

Nowhere But Here - Teaser 1

The climax of the story is unexpected and is thrilling all the same. It fits with the theme of the book and the nature as well. You may be able to figure out part of the climax, but the whole entire thing is just way too complex to be able to figure out. And I love that.

While the story is meant to focus on Oz and Emily, I couldn’t help but wish that we got more of a story for Meg and Eli. When you find out the truth of their story, it’s so tragic and heartbreaking that you just want to read all about how it happened. Even though Meg loves Jeff and her life with him, you can tell that she will always love Eli. That love story is tragic and one that would stay with you forever.

I did like the story for Oz and Emily but I don’t think they got the full story that they deserved. With it being the first book a series, McGarry spent a lot of time developing the scene and the characters and it took away from the focus of Oz’s and Emily’s story. One second they hate each, the next they love each other. McGarry does mention that time passes, but I would have liked to have read some of those significant moments that made their relationship. Maybe we will get to see more of them in the rest of the series which will make me ok with it, but for now, I wish I had more of development for them.

Rating: B

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 The Thunder Road series

Nowhere but Here

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