” Murder in the First” 2×1 – Mulligan and English investigate a shooting on a school bus


The last season it certainly offered a different look into a crime show as we get to see from start to finish the ins and outs of a case. There were a lot of twists and turns as Mulligan/English see that justice is not always served in the way that they think. Tom Felton was a great cast as Erich Blunt as he played a charismatic genius who thought he was above the law.
In this week’s episode, titled “Twenty Fifteen” we get the start of another riveting season of the TNT hit drama. This season is going to follow a school shooting and what caused them to do it. Be prepared for a lot of emotional issues as school shootings is still a hard subject for people to swallow.
The show opens up the season in a big way. While investigating a missing person (named Sarah), Mulligan and English come across a school bus shooting. Two shooters, Dustin (Mateus Ward, TV's Hostages) and Alfie shoot up their school bus and are able to get away.
The shooting was completely thought out. They knew who they were going to shoot and how they were going to do it. It's obvious because they let one of the people one buses go (or maybe it's because he's an accomplice?)
Koto gets shot in the shuffle, but they are able to apprehend one of the shooters (Dustin – the one who wanted their game) while the other gets away.


Find the Other Shooter
With Alfie in the wind, the police try and find clues to where he could be and why they even did the shootingnbsp;
The heat gets turned up when it becomes public knowledge as they identify the victims and the families find out. Doesn't get easy for Mulligan when Louise's father, Mike, is late picking her up.
Time to bring in the parents and Mulligan and English to work their questioning skills.
When English talks with Dustin, he learns that he was part of the shooting because he wanted fame. When Mulligan talks with Dustin, she learns that he was going to a concert. This could be the key to finding Alfie.
But English has to do this without Mulligan because she had to go pick up Louise.


On the Run
Being in the wind, Alfie has to remain under the radar as the police start looking for him.
They are able to find Alfie at the concert but of course it turns into a giant mess as shots start flying.
This show touches on the fact that a tragedy such as this effects not only the ones directly involved but indirectly as well. Alfie's parents' blame themselves for not helping their son and their guilt carries on.
In the next show, English and Mulligan continue their search for Alife as he starts to get desperate.
What did you think of the show?


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