“Jurassic World” breaks four records at the box office


Over the weekend, the reboot to the 1993 hit movie from Steven Speilberg, Jurassic World, was released and shattered box office records.

World opened with $204 million domestically and $511 million worldwide. This of course made the movie the number one movie at the box office, but more importantly, it surpassed the expectations.

But dominating the box office is not all that World was able to do. World was also able four records with its monster opening. World now tops single day Saturday Gross with $69.7 million on Saturday (beating out 2012’s The Avengers), biggest opening movie for a June movie (beating out 2013’s  Man of Steel), it’s the fastest to $100 million (beating out 2012’s The Avengers), and it’s the fastest to $150 million (beating out 2012’s The Avengers).

World also because the 2nd highest Sunday Gross with $52.1 million, the 2nd highest opening of all time, and the 2nd fastest to $200 million.


And all this with only a 70% approval rating from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

This movie just proves that it may not have the story to please the critics, it has the action and the right characters (Chris Pratt + dinosaurs) to make it the perfect kind of movie to see over and over again. It is one of the few movies (outside of a super hero franchise) that you want to see over and over again, and for this day and age, that is hard to do.

The original Jurassic Park opened on almost the same day in 1993 (June 11th) with $47 million. It would go on to gross $357 million and with inflation costs this brings it up to $699.9 million. There is no doubt that World will top Park, essentially proving why they do reboots. But this is one reboot that we all can get on board with.

What did you think of Jurassic World?



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