“Pitch Perfect 3” will have Fat Amy and Beca

pitch perfect

It is no surprise that after the success that the second movie got at the box office (along with glowing ratings, there would be talks of doing a third one.

Well, the news is official.

There had been talks that when making the second one, that they would be setting it up for someone else to take the helm from Beca and Fat Amy and it looked like Emily (Hailee Stenfeld) was going to take that position.

But it looks like it may be partially true.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have been confirmed for the third movie. Kendrick posted a picture on Instagram showing that she would be returning.

There is no word on what the movie will be about or who will return, but outside of Kendrick and Wilson, you really don’t NEED anyone else to draw in a crowd.

Pitch Perfect 3 is set to come out July 21st, 2017.

What do you think of the news?


One thought on ““Pitch Perfect 3” will have Fat Amy and Beca

  1. Keira says:

    I can’t wait! Loved the first two. 🙂 I like happy movies plus singing and dancing so triple win.

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