Katniss looking ready for war in new ‘Mockingjay pt 2’ poster


It’s been a busy week for the Mockingjay rebels as have been getting a lot of promotion for the Mockingjay aka Katniss and the rebels.

Today we get footage from the movie’s Snap Chat page of Katniss shown in a superior light at the capital. This coincides with the picture of Katniss sitting on Snow’s throne and with the promise of more footage to come tomorrow on Snap Chat. Stay tuned for that.

In the footage, we see Katniss standing on a cliff looking up at a tall building (presumably the building where Snow resides) as the video asks the rebels to unite and fight for the rebellion. She is decked out in a blood red leather suit with a red cape flowing in the wind. The use of a blood red tunic is obviously symbolic because of Snow’s disease (or maybe because war is coming and that means blood will be shed) and it stands out against the white exterior.

Two days ago, we got the first look at the character posters of the rebels that have the Mockingjay painted on their faces. Each one more powerful then the next. The posters have shown up everywhere with fans pledging their allegiance to the cause.

Mockingjay pt 2 is set to come out November 20th. Make sure you show your support with #Unite.

What did you think of the footage?




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