Review: ‘Uncivilized’ by Sawyer Bennett – a woman tries to civilize and uncivilized man


Format: paperback, audible

Format read: audible

Series: standalone

Genre: Romance


In this story we follow Mora as goes to Brazil to bring back a man, Zacharias, who got left behind after his parent died. He has grown up in that culture and is reluctant to come to America but after spending some time with Mora in the U.S. he sees that there is more to life then what he thought he knew.

Holy moly with the sex scenes in this story. They are literally too hot to handle especially in a public place. Having to listen to Kirsten (Mora) and Lee (Zac) voice the characters, it’s enough to have you blushing and wanting more. Even though it’s only them narrating the story, you can hear them connect and really bring the story to life.

Lee does an extraordinary job at voicing Zac. He was the perfect man for the job. He is able to capture that tough, I don’t give a crap attitude, sarcastic, I do what I want kind of personality that is Zac. He made me laugh out loud as I heard some of his thoughts and it made me believe that this is something someone in his position would think.

Kirsten does a good job at capturing all the many levels of Mora. Whether it’s her love for Zac, her passion for her job, or the patience she has for Zac’s adjustment to the new world.

For the story, there is A LOT of scenes, but it wasn’t too over the top where it was on every page. Bennett still was able to develop the characters and show them slowly but surely falling in love.

I would recommend getting this book for audible because I think that it adds an element of realism that you don’t get when you just read it. I know if I just read it I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much.

Rating: B+

Uncivilized is available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo.

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What did you think of the book?


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