Review: ‘Sentinel’ by Jennifer Armentrout – stellar conclusion to another hit series


Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 5 of 5 The Covenant series
Rating: 15+ language, sexual content, themes
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In the final book of the series, Alex, Aiden, and the others prepare for war against Ares and they will get help from some unlikely people who hope to try and end this war before it gets out of hand.

This is by far the best book of the series, which shouldn’t be that big of surprise since Armentrout has been building up to this for four books. Alex finally is able to admit that she is going to need a lot of help in order to win this war but stubborn as she is, it’s something that she has a hard time doing.

It’s hard to say if this is the best series that Armentrout has written, which one could argue that it is. It has romance, drama, action, and characters that you get to watch grow and change as life continues to beat them down.

Alex really comes into her own in this story. She is a 17 year old girl who has the world’s fate on her shoulders. She is torn between what she wants and what is the right thing to do. She is one to act impulsively but she knows that with this decision if she does that, it could lead to the world’s end. I like how Alex finally comes to grips with her fate and instead of running from it (like most of us probably would do), she embraces it and thrives in it.

holy mother of god friends

And the ending. Oh. My. God. Talk about heart wrenching. You will not be able to predict the ending so I wouldn’t even try. It takes a lot for me to actually cry when reading a book, but this one made me cry. And mind you, I was in public when reading this. I had to try and cover it up while cursing to Armentrout for not having a disclaimer on this book. She’s almost as bad as Colleen Hoover is with her books. So to all of you reading this, heed my warning, you will cry when reading this book.

There is a spin off series for this series called the Titan series that is going to follow Seth in the events that happened at the end of the book.

Be prepared for an epic finale that is reminiscent of the final Harry Potter book. There are going to be deaths (that’s unavoidable with wars) but the story was done so that you can accept the ending whether or not if you liked it.

Rating: A

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Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK | Review

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK | Review

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK | Review

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK| Review

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK

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