King and Pup have a little ‘chat’ in first ‘Tyrant’ teaser

tyrant teaser

Yesterday, author TM Frazier released the first teaser from the 2nd book of the King duology, Tyrant.

In the teaser, King looks to be sneaking into Doe’s room so that he can have what he calls ‘a talk’. If you read the first book we all know that the talk is going to entail. A little bow-chicka-bow-wow. For me, I am glad to have this teaser because it shows that King is going to figure out some way to get back to Doe.

Tyrant is up for pre-order on Amazon now and you can get caught up before the August 15th release by reading King. King is a spin-off from her other book The Dark Light of Day which introduced to us the dark world that King controls.

This book is meant to be the final book in the duology but Frazier has hinted that we may see a book for Bear. Only time will tell for this.

What did you think of the teaser?




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