The 2015 Emmy Nominations are announced


The 2015 Emmy nominations have been officially announced. At 8:30 A.M. PST, the nominations were announced by Uzo Aduba, from Orange is the New Black, and Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance, in Los Angeles.

Parks and Recreation did well in their final season getting two nominations and many believe that this was the show that forced out The Big Bang Theory for Best Comedy. The Last Man on Earth star Will Forte earned himself a nomination and is going to give Jim Parsons a run for his money for Best Comedic Actor. Amy Shumer continues to have a stellar year as she gets nominated for two awards including Best Comedic Actress.

For drama, Game of Thrones shocks absolutely no one with its twenty-four nominations. Thrones is looking to get back to its dominating days a few years ago when it won every category that it was nominated for. Orange is the New Black didn’t do as well as expected only getting three nominations this year. Homeland continues to make a presence at the Emmy’s and is surely going to be a favorite to in many of the categories it’s nominated for.

Some of the biggest snubs are for the hit show Empire that was arguable the biggest new show of the year. They only got one nomination for Taraji P. Henson. FX’s hit show The Americans once again gets nothing, and one of the most popular shows on Earth right now is The Walking Dead but it continues to get snubbed by the Emmy’s.

You can view the full list of nominations here.

There are a lot of shows, actors, and actress that were expected to get nominated and some that were surprisingly snubbed. This year, the show hopes to attract to a younger audience and with the host, Andy Samberg, that is possible. But it all comes down to the winner. The winners of the shows need to be deserving which means it’s not always going to be the one that everyone likes.

The 2015 Emmy Awards will take place on September 20th and is hosted by Brooklyn Nine Nine star and Saturday Night Live Alum, Andy Samberg.

What do you think of the nominations?



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